Smoking is a deadly habit and there is an abundance of evidence that justify the said fact. But yet, a large number of people are already victims of cigarettes.

It is a well-known fact that cigarettes have a negative effect on your lungs.

Recent studies have discovered that apart from its negative effect on the lungs of smokers, according to the specialists, cigarette smokers are putting their eyesight at risk, too. In fact, millions of people in the UK have already faced the risk of going blind.

According to a poll for the Association of Optometrists (AOP), only one in five people understand that smoking can lead to blindness. Also, The AOP says that you should completely avoid smoking in order to protect your vision. Compared to a non-smoker, the tendency of a smoker going blind is twice at risk.

Cigarette smoke consists of various toxic elements including heavy metals such as lead and copper, that can cause cataract – which is the condition of the lens of the eyes becoming cloudy. To make it worse, smokers have a good probability to be affected by optic neuropathy that leads to sudden loss of vision, as a result of the blood supply to the eyes being blocked.

“People tend to know about the link between smoking and cancer, but many people are not aware of the impact that smoking can have upon the eyes. Smoking increases the risk of sight-threatening conditions, such as age-related macular degeneration, which is an important reason why smokers should consider quitting,” says Aishah Fazlanie, Optometrist and Clinical and Regulatory Adviser for the AOP.

(Reference: BBC News, Boscalicious)

Oshitha Narangoda