Psychology defined emotions as a complex state of feelings between mental and physical changes which influence thoughts and behaviors. Happiness, sadness, anger, fear& surprise are the most common and core emotions which can be considered as primary emotions. Emotional reactions that we have towards primary emotions are known as secondary emotions.

Emotional health Taking care of our emotional health is very important in order to work on our physical wellbeing. This does not mean that you will always be happy or free from negative thoughts. Emotional health is about having the skill to manage all the negative things in our day today life. We can respond to any negative thought in a positive way by improving our emotional health. Making own self judgments is another impact that emotional health can have.

Maintaining a good emotional health helps us to have some key benefits. It is very important to be free from stress, because researches have shown that when you are emotionally distressed it can also effect on our physical health. Good emotional health helps us to see the best version of our lives as we can develop the skill to manage our emotions then we can make our feelings and behavior more better .It also makes us feel more energized so we can get more focus on what we are doing.

Getting quality sleep, listening to music, doing regular exercises, meditation and building more social connections help to improve our emotional health.

Once you started feeling like you are getting the best of your core needs and affection with your loved ones there you have a good level of emotional health.